Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday. Raining Here; So everyone Is Getting Wet


Leatherpigboy said...

Now i would love to get wet with them!

Ultra Dave said...

I'll scrub their backs or any other body part! Yum!

Anonymous said...

Love a Hot man in the shower!!! There should be a whole blog of just men in the shower.

Stan said...

Never you mind Ray. Texas is dry as a bone and you need that rain. You also need these men to jump in the shower with down there too!

Rocco said...

I'd happily scrub any of them, but the stand-out is the first-guy-in-the-second-row's truly heroic fuck tool. What an ass-stretching instrument! Imagine gagging on that!

TornJeans said...

I love it when it is raining men!
Was at the baths the other day and to see the shower room full of naked men makes my day!

Koba said...

It's pissing here too, Ray! Would live to hit the showers with one of these guys (or you!) ;0)

Tefnoutt said...

great sun today here, but ready to take a shower with all of them !!! don't forgetting the body milk massge after of course ...


We've had the best rain here in Sydney in months over this week-end!
However it's still fairly cold so standing naked in the rain is out. But a hot shower with one of these would be great!

glen_mc said...

Yeah Patrick is right GREAT rain fall.

I volunteer to save water with 3,6 & 9 WOOF!!

Joao Baptista said...

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Ray's Cowboy said...

Glad that everyone enjoyes getting wet.

Anonymous said...

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