Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Thoughts of Today. Please Excuse Me

Ok. I am getting ready to unload a BITHCY Statment. Just need to get it off of my Chest, then I will be fine. Last night I had a couple over for Christmas get together. They are going out of town today. Rmind you I bought all of my gifts early and was through before Aug. OK...

I had them call and see if we can do it. They askif we can do it after they get back. No but HELL NO, you already have cancel with me once. I am sorry that you do work and want to get ready for your holiday. You had all day to wash you clothes before you go. I do know you partner who has a wonderful paying job; let you stay at home and do whatever you want. Get you laundry done before or during the visit. I mean they are in the modern ages. They have a washer and dryer. No need to go the the stream and beat the rock over your clothes. Then they were opening their gifts and telling me what charities I need to gift to. I said once a month I give to the SPCA, one or 2 large (the biggest I can find) of dog food. He starts out saying I need to give more. his partner told him to shut up.

Ok here is the best one of all. I have a freind who need soem extra money because he was out of work. Here is something..... Now that he is working he said he would give me the money back.. Several months ago. Grant you I really could care less about the FUCKING money. But if you say you are going to do something; please keep your word. Do not say I am going to do this, then never do it. That really pisses me off. When this person told me he would give me the money back (I was thinkging, "Yea I could use it towards JUJU vets bills). I do not expect it back or need it. but when you say you are going to do something and let the person know you have a way of doing it. Then do it. If for whatever reason; he told me that he was not able to do it, I would have been ok with that. Not even saying a word; I have lost respect for this person and really do not have anything to do with him any more. I know that may be wrong, but I am that upset with this person. I do not expect my world to be rose color glasses all of the time. I think one should keep his/ her word when you do stuff. I mean when I tell my family I am doing something for them. they expect me to do it. I think Dave's family, Stan's Family. or any others would expect the same, right? Or am I really that stupid and think the better of others?

Thanks for my Bitching for the moment. I will make this up by posting some eye gathering pictures for you later. Once again I just needed to get this off of my chest.


carol said...

Goof for you Ray, sometime a little bitchiness can help the day. Now I have had similar situation like everybody else, there are 2 categories of "FRIENDS" the ones we love dearly and are there for you, and the ones I call acquaintances, and its the later that always screws you. I found this article in the Rochester Rams Newletter about FRIENDSHIP and It will showed me who my real friends are. (I'll email you the article).

Stick to your belief and remove the acquaintances, they are nice but they are useless.


red-hot-chilli said...

Hi Ray,

What can I say? We've all had experiences like these, and they're pretty annoying and disappointing. Makes you think about all the time, not to mention money, you've invested in these friendships over the years.
Terrible, how fickle, unpredictable, and fragile friendships really are.

bme5628 said...

Bitch all you want honey...it does a body good to get it all out now and then, especially when the complaints are valid. In spite of it all I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Leatherpigboy said...

Thats right Ray BITCH all you want and get it out. Better to get it out of your system than to dwell and let it build up more! Hope your day goes better :)


Yeah! That's what my psychologist tells me - get it out into the open, don't bottle it up inside.

I guess we've all had similar experiences and really feel for you. I know I've had plenty ( well I am 75 years old so there's been plenty of time!)but we do best to put them behind us and keep going.

Chin up, Ray! You're a great guy. You must know we are all on your side.

Don't let this ruin your Christmas. They are not worth it!

Hugs and kisses,


Koba said...

There! don't you feel better now!? :) You are a sweetheart and a gentleman - and for the most part, we're surrounded by morons! :)

TornJeans said...

what a smart man you are
I guess you know it is not worth keeping anything inside! I learned that the hard way years ago.
Anytime buddy, give us a shout when you need someone!

Ultra Dave said...

I have more than my share of these type people in my life. So much so, I prefer the company of my dog at times. I usually cut the ties. If someone cannot measure up to my level of friendship, I be damn if I will lower myself to theirs. Stand firm my friend, you are in the right and they are self centered, self serving assholes. You are better off with out them. Love you Ray!

BloggerJoe said...

Hey Ray, I completely understand what you're going through and use us, your loyal fan base, to sound off any time. I usually just accept people as they are, but I don't trust them once they've violated the trust. Just don't lose faith, it's important to stay connected. Take care, have a good holiday, and love lots!!

Alex said...

It's always good to get things off of your chest, hell, you know I do it almost daily. My life is better for getting the frustrations out there and getting rid of those people who aren't worth the effort.
Have a great Christmas Ray, you deserve it.

Ray's Cowboy said...

Thanks guys for letting me Vent.

Stan said...

Your too nice and too good a person Ray to put up with this bullshit. You deserve better!

Stephen said...

I completely agree with you. Most people don't have manners anymore. Its all about "me,me,me" and people won't take responsibility for their own actions. These people are NOT adults. If you get nothing out of your friendship with them, and you find yourself doing all the work, its time to drop them from your life. They are what a friend used to call emotional vampires. They suck all your energy out, and leave you with nothing. You stand by your beliefs. Happy Holidays cowboy!