Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Vet Did This On Their Web Page

Since having gotten JuJu there over 10 yrs and keep going to them after moving to Plano from Dallas. The people and the Vet there knew everything about JuJu. The posted a memorial to her. Brings everytthing back up again. Like I need this. since she has been gone I hear her collar allot. I see a ghost like image of her in the hall way at times. I dream about her and also dream about taken her into the vet's office to be put down. I am loosing sleep more and more. I never had to do something like this before. My parents always did it for us kids. Am I going crazy or what?

Here is the memorial they did

Juju passed quietly to the Rainbow Bridge on 6/25/2010. She was such a fighter, fighting three types of cancer in the past five years, as well as dealing with heart disease. Juju never complained and always gave a great big smile with her unique ears sticking straight out to the sides. Her disease is gone and the fight has ended, but Juju's spirit lives on.


Will said...

It's hard losing someone you love who was a big part of your life. You never get over it but you will get through it. A time will come when you will enjoy all the many great memories you have. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I feel for you, dude. Our pets are our children, but the pets give us love unconditionally and never ask us of anything but our company, a bowl of kibble, and some water.

Rest in peace, Juju.

My cat is nearly 16 years old and still very healthy. I dread the day he's gone.

David said...

I'm so sorry to read about this. We lost one of our boys here over Memorial Day weekend so it's especially fresh in my mind. You're not going crazy, you're just grieving. My thoughts are with you.

EricJ said...

Losing a companion such as Juju can easily be as difficult as losing a blood relative or close friend. I think it may even be harder because of the communication barrier, even though it always seems we know what the other is thinking!

It's been four years since I put Prissy down. That was my first time, too. I cried then, & still do.

You'd be crazy if you were not reacting this way, so just hang in there - she's at peace now.

Stephen said...

I feel for you. I know what its like to lose a beloved pet.
You're not crazy. You're in mourning. Dogs are such wonder companions. They give you unconditional love.
We had to let our dog go 10 years ago after 17 years. It was very hard the first year. I couldn't look at pictures of dogs or be around them. I still miss him all this time later.
I think it was nice that the vet paid tribute to JuJu on their site. It shows that they thought she was special too.
I hope all these messages from your followers give you some comfort during this difficult time.

RAD said...

RIP JuJu -- My heart feels for you and I love ya buddy! Take care...

JoeBlow said...

Ray, I had a beloved cat for 18 years, she has now been dead for 8 years and still, every time I walk into my parents house, I always expect her to come running (actually waddling, she was kinda fat, LOL) to meet me. She was a beautiful and incredibly sweet calico cat named Calico (Yeah, I know, real inventive, but I was 8 when I got her). I know exactly how you feel. I was away at grad school when she died and I hate that I wasn't there for her.

Ralph said...

I do understand what you're going through with the loss of JuJu. The pets I have loved most over the years, were a cat who died suddenly, and a dog, in seriously declining health, with whom I sat while she was put to sleep. The cat was the first pet I really loved, and after his death, I couldn't sleep well or rest for weeks. The dog, I dreamed about for weeks, and she was always at the bottom of hill looking up at me and barking. The cat has been gone for 27 years, and the dog, for 11, and I still can not bear to look at their pictures, or talk out loud about them. So, I can share your pain...

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Peter said...

Ray, the things you hear and see are not there to make you crazy, it's the spirit of Juju who's watching over you. She misses you also very much and she can only cross to the other side when she knows you're going to be alright.

BloggerJoe said...

Ray, you're not crazy. You miss your friend. I've been through it many times. I know you don't want to hear this right now, but getting another friend will help. You won't be replacing Juju, but you will be making another friend and it will help. And if you decide this is what you want to do, you might consider rescuing a friend from a shelter or a rescue league. My two new friends are resuced from a puppy mill and a bad home. It really does help.

Butch 57 said...

Just a great dog! My heart is with you!

Stan said...

Bless your heart Ray. I've been through this too. Beleieve it or not it does get better. Hang in there love!
I think it was a nice tribute tribute to you and JuJu.
Great big hugs.

Rosman said...

Hi Ray, I can't add much to what Stan and the others have said. Grieving takes time and slowly but surely things will get better and, like Stan said, what a nice tribute to you and JuJu.

Anonymous said...

You are not crazy. Putting an animal down is the Hardest but most loving thing you can do for the animal. I had to do it with two cats and a dog in the past 10 yrs and it never get easier but It is only fair we are with them during that time as they are with us thru all of our trials and all they want is to be loved. You did the right thing but you have to know that juju is in a better place.

Howard in Connecticut said...

Ray, I only know of you thru your blog, but as you share your mourning and your grief with us, it brings me almost to tears. You are doing the right thing in letting us share your pain, Ray. JuJu was the light of your life. When you hear her collar in the house, smile. She doesn't want you to be sad. When you catch a glimpse of her in the hall, say hi to her. She is around you in spirit. What the vets have done is to create a beautiful memorial to your Baby.It hurts now, but, you know they mean well. Let it all hang out, Babe. Share what you feel like sharing. The fact that you feel so deeply, and grieve so strong, shows what a good man you are, Ray. If I needed hospital care, I would want you to be my nurse. I hope you can feel the love all around you from your fans and your friends. Hugs, Man

lorenzolo63 said...


Leatherpigboy said...

Ray no you are not crazy! I still to this day have moments when I get teary eyed from having to put my baby down. its the hardest thing we ever have to do buddy. IT does get easier but it takes a lot of time just hang in and know you have friends who love you!

Anonymous said...

Ray, my heart goes out to you bud. I have had to do the same three times over the years to pets I loved so dearly. My previous dog, who I had for 15 years, I had to do the same in Nov 05. It took me an entire year to get over giving her up, and the dreams you mention are very real. To this day, I still can not bear to look at the many photos I have of her.

I did get a new puppy in Nov 06, a year after giving up my previous. She is such a doll, and I love her so much; but realistically, tell myself from time to time the day will come when I will have to release her.

It's terrible that our pets do not have the same life spans that we do. But hang in there, time will give you just takes time.

red-hot-chilli said...

And a truly beautiful dog she was!!!


You are in deep mourning, Ray. You have lost a dear and loved one who obviously returned your love. Such a loss has a deep emotional effect on us and takes time to get over. We never forget the loved one but slowly the loss heals. The deeper the love the longer the healing takes. But hang in there. We all feel for you and with you. We send you good vibes and pray for you.

Lots of hugs,


Anonymous said...

we put both of our dogs down in May.I am still not right with it. My heart goes out to you.

TornJeans said...

Hey buddy
I can relate to what you are saying and it is very normal to see a ghost of her. So not to be worried. She knows you are missing her and is trying to comfort you before she goes on her full journey elsewhere.
Just appreciate the last bit of time you have with her.
Please do not think you are going crazy!
You are not!

Koba said...

It is very, very hard... And you're not even a little bit crazy! Great memorial the vets did! Big hug, my friend.

SickoRicko said...

You're not crazy Ray. Keep taking care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

You are in mourning for JuJu. JuJu was your child. She is still there giving you comfort during your grief, that is why you still see glimpes and hear her collar. This will pass as will your mourning and one day you will just bust out laughing at the though of JuJu. You will at times have an ache in your heart, a smile on your face or just laugh when you think of your child. JuJu has enriched your life as you have JuJu's. Allow the grief to enter and exit. Take care Aaron

bdsmjack said...

Dear Ray,

I am so sorry for your loss. Having been there myself a few times I can tell you the hurt never goes away, but it does get better over time. Please hang in there and accept my sincere condolences. --bdsmjack

Van said...

Hi Ray,

I just read of the loss of your beloved puppy. I am so sorry!

My guy is going to be 11 this year and I dread losing him.

I've been lucky enough to have had wonderful pets all my life and the loss of each one was a stab directly to the heart.

I have a book I get out each time I've lost a friend. It's entitled, "How To Survive The Loss Of A Love." I encourage you to look for it and pick it up. It will help you to get through this.

I'll be keeping you and Juju in my thoughts. I hope you start feeling better soon.

Best wishes,

Van in San Diego

Peter78730 said...

She has no need of our prayers, for she never did a wrong or unkind thing, she was just loyal and loving.
Only humans need our entreaties to God. Our beloved animals go directly to the Promised Land.”

I sometimes pity people who
have never felt just cause,
to share the bond between two souls,
one with hands, and one with paws.

Anonymous said...

i agree with everything everyone else has said it takes time and it does get better