Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chirstmas 2012

The First 3 are of the outside door. and the front yard.
The Next 5 is of the tree and garland. The tree has crystal, glass and more crystlas on it. The garland to me looks semi-Victornian.
Please double click on any pictures to veiw the whole thing.
The Wearth and the desk in the study.
The Angles are on the bookshelf. What I really like about the are they are Art Deco looking in the their Angular Wings and body. I also have little angles that the wings are free flowing with angular bodies.
The Dinning Room
The Den/ Family Room. Sadie Mae is protecting the presents; so she can show Santa Paws she has been a good girl.
The rest of the house looks the same as all of the past years.The Den/ Family Room looks just the same. The Bathrooms look the same. I do want to thank you fellow bloggers for taken the time out and see my house. Please come back and visit some time. Hugs Ray


Anonymous said...

Lovely, all in good taste and not over the top.
Happy holidays to you.


TornJeans said...

Wow! It must have taken you days to set all this up! Looking so good! Have a great Christmas

O!Daddie said...

sumptuous and elegant.. makes me want to take down about 75% of what I have hanging all over the place. Less is definitely more!

NAH... :>)

Anonymous said...

Your home looks fantastic! Your dining room would be so warm and cozy yet elegent and formal, how may people are you hosting for dinner? And of course Sadie May looks like she is doing a great job! Enjoy your Christmas my friend and thanks for all the presents you give us every day.

Tim said...

Just wonderful Ray, thanks for the tour my friend. :)

Stan said...

Just as beautiful as last year. Now when are you having us all over for a cocktail?

Perth Aussie said...

Looks lovely Ray, with such a layout I'm sure you can entice some hot santas like in the photo sets below :)
Here in Perth Australia we're expecting 105 F (40c) for Xmas Day so looks like cold cuts and salad for us! traditional Aussie Xmas fare and the same for boxing day.. (no one in their right mind does a roast though a barbie (cookout) with seafood is often the go for many and for many it will all be down at the beach, beaches will be packed.. That's Xmas Aussie Style!
Though I have a swimming pool at my place and I have a feeling that I may have an invasion of rellies (relatives) at short notice..

SEAN said...


Koba said...

I'm with Ray! We gotta get down to Texas to see this in person!
Very beautiful, my friend!You and Sadie Mae are two luck souls to have found each other!


Beautiful Ray! Thanks for letting me into your home! Hugs, Patrick.
P.S. Expect an email!

Steve said...

Very attractive. I'm just wondering whether there is some reason why you are calling the angels "angles"?

Of course, there has been confusion about this since at least the day when some handsome blond boys from Anglia showed up the slave market in Rome. Supposedly a potential buyer said, "Non sunt Anglii, sed Angeli." ("They are not Anglish (English), but rather Angels.")

Anonymous said...

A beautiful home and decorated nicely. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us!