Wednesday, June 25, 2014

For Stan. Wife Beater Shirts, Wednesday


O!Daddie now at said...

I wanna be a chicken inspector like #3 !!

Xersex said...

#1 is Renato ferreira, a great brasilian beauty, take a look here:

#2 love this ginger
#3 the inspector looks like a porn actor Alex Marte, from South Italy, but he's not him
#4 that's vintage '70
#5 how much he looks so proud for his dick
#6 a bush in the forest
#7 looks so dark (and haired!)
#8 love his uncut dick
#9 huge dick
#10 very erotic and original

Stan has made a trent with Wednesday's wifebeaters, take a look here

SickoRicko said...

Hot post!

Rick Jeans said...

And I run into lotsa wife beaters too. I am amazed how many are out there! It's a cult!! Watch out it's a cult, I tell you. They will grab you can make you wear them after an orgy! LOL

Stan said...

I like what's going on in the 3rd pic!

karl said...

we call them vests here in England,,,and I love love love wearing them!

karl said...

we call them vests here in England,,,and I love love love wearing them!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the weather isn't the only thing that's hot today Ray, these pics are scorchers.

#2)Oh beefy armed cowboy, come rope me in.

#3) I would let that dude handle my schlong anytime.

#9) It would be a privilege to sniff this dudes pits, and to taste his meaty meat.

#10) I swear this looks like the straight hunky dude that works out at my gym. I have seen him naked many times in the showers(minus the boner of course). One of the benefits of being a dude digging dudes we can check them out discreetly, and then beat off at home:):):):)

Thanks Ray

a{GAY}tekeeper{iam} said...

lucky stan

uncle barry said...

Ok! Would have no trouble ripping off THOSE wife beaters with my Teeth
And going South from there
Especially #1 & 5


Stan is doing well this week! Both you & me! Great post. really hot men. Thanks, Patrick

Koba said...

Love pic 3!!