Saturday, December 3, 2011

My House For The Holidays

Welcome to my House for the Holidays. I finally got my film back from CVS Photo Shop. I had everything done already last weekend, but waited for the Photo Shop to get something fixed in their machine. This year the theme was gold. The Study is the one that sets the theme. All of the presents are done in gold. Tree done in gold. And the whole room is done that a way. So come by and enjoy. Maybe have a cup of coffee and cake.
Double click on the pictures to see everything you want to see a bit better. Thanks

Inside of the Front Door

The Study

The Hall Way and the Dining Room

The Family Room

One of the guest bathrooms


carol said...

Very Festive, Ray.


Anonymous said...

Too much gold. Surprisingly tacky. I'm more concerned with why you feel the need to share these "look at all my stuff" photos with your readers. I think it reveals a desperate need for attention on your part, and possibly a bit of narcissism as well.

DeepBlue said...

Love it Ray! It really crates a festive mood and I don't think there is too much contrary to what some people might think. I must admit, I'm just too lazy to decorate. And even though I'm not much the happy jolly Christmas fanatic, I do enjoy this time of the year when our friends and (extended) family gather together to enjoy some good time (hopefully!).

Now the only thing missing is the SNOW! LOL!

Hope Sadie Mae isn't going crazy with all this though... You know how dogs tend to take Christmas ornaments for toys!!! ;)

Nick said...

hey Anonymous, why dont u just move along...

it all looks wonderful Ray, wish I could visit you. Have a great weekend my friend

Ray's Cowboy said...

Carol, Thank you.
Deep Blue I enjoy decorating and wanted to share it with you guys Like I do every year. No Sadie Mae does not play with any part of the tree.

Anonymous First of all this is my blog, and if you read the header.. I enjoy decorating and showing my freinds my decorations. I am sorry that you feel the way you do, and you are intitle to your feelings...But I did it to show people how I enjoy the season. Yea I may bit narcissism on my part, by saying look at Christmas at my house, but since I can not go over to England, France, South Afirca, Canada. Up USA North. Or the east coast/ west coast and look at what every did/ does to their place. That I have becomes freind with. I wanted to share my pictures with everyone as I have done since starting this blog. Once again I feel sorry for you and your thinking. It must be lonely never to share anything with anyone.


Ray's Cowboy said...

Nick Thank you.

Ruffy said...

Nicely done Ray, you've been a busy Santa's helper! Wonder what he's going to leave under your tree? We do themed rooms as well. Come on, we're gay and we know how to decorate, why not put it to good use. And Christmas is the perfect time of year to show it off!!

PS: Anonymous is "anonymous" for a reason...ignore!

Sean said...

Looks great. Ummmm where did you hang the mistletoe?

Your clock reminds me of Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast.

Red-Hot-Chilli said...

OMG - you're way ahead of me ... but then, I'm not that into X-Mas. In fact, I wish the whole thing was behind us already!!! But your house does look impressive, to be sure!

Ralph said...

Thanks for sharing with us how beautiful and seasonal your house looks, when it is decorated for Christmas.

Westernstock said...

Hey Ray, what a magnificent house. Christmas decorations show great taste in my opinion. Have a great festive season. Why not remove that goddam anonymous's comment?

Koba said...

Wow! Beautiful home and terrific decorations! Sadie Mae is a very lucky gal! :)


Great Ray! You have done a wonderful job again! I know that Christmas means a lot to you. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Patrick

karl said...

Its a lovely house [and I speak as one who has a nice big boudoir himself]. I havent hung any decorations yet [the only thing hung is me!]. The outside of your house is fabulous, like something out of The Colby's.
Ignore the jealous comment above - we work hard all year and are entitled to be glamourous, fashionable and above all, US!

Tim said...

Wonderful Ray, I think you've caught the right mood to bring us out of the economic gloom here in Europe. Thank you for sharing it with us. And "Anymouse" I think your'e just jealous....go stuff something! Hugs Ray

Anonymous said...

You have a touch of class without going over the top. It is lovely.

To anonymous I say: get your own blog since you are too lazy to do it and stop hiding behind anonymity...give a face, a name and an e-mail up. You are probably just jealous because you see some opulence and prosperity.
Chances are you don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of...and I can almost sense you are either a Republican or a Teabagger or both.

Ray's Cowboy said...

Thank you to everyone. I enjoy Chrstmas allot. My sister who I went over her house and decorated as well. Says I love Chirstmas more than anyone else she has ever seen. I touch when she said it. and your comments have really touch me as well.

Thanks again.

Rosman said...

Ray, Your home looks beautiful inside and out. Congrats. You did an awesome job and it's so kind of you to bring joy through this to your friends, us, around the world. Glad too that Sadie doesn't mind the decorations. Beautiful indeed.

RAD said...

Fancy! Now can I come over to kiss you under the mistletoe? :-)

Stan said...

Great job Ray. You should be proud of what all you've worked for over the years. I love the photos! Wish I could stop by for a visit. Thank you for the lovely you sent me.

Leatherpigboy said...

Ray yet again you have really spent a lot of time decorating for the Holidays. Hope you enjoy it with your friends and family and thanks for sharing.

Ray L. said...

AWESOME decorating job Ray looks so lovely and homey. Have a great holiday season and enjoy all your decorations. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us
Christmas HUGS Ray L.

Jack Scott said...

Ray, I never ceased to be amazed by people. An anonymous commenter feels free to tell you how you should or shouldn't decorate for Christmas and on top of that has the unmitigated gall to psychoanalyze you too based on your posting the pictures of your home.

My question is, what does such an anonymous post have to say about the anonymous commenter? Not too much good in my opinion.

I think the house looks great and I'm sure you'll enjoy your Christmas. Best wishes and bah humbug to Anonymous.

Jack Scott

Howard in CT said...

Ray, your home is magnificent, any time of the year.
With the Christmas decorations, it is absolutely beautiful. Just the right touches, everywhere. Very tasteful. And I absolutely love it.
Merry Christmas to you, Bud! And to Sadie Mae as well!!

Tim said...

That's a beautiful home,Ray.... although why would anyone expect anything other than a heartwarming manifestation of who you are?!