Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dawg, Gone Saturday

So Damn Hot In Texas

.Visit our other doggie-friends:
Sean @ Just A Jeep Guy
Peter at Tippin' the Scales
Rick‘s @ Its a Ruff Ruff World
Buddy Bear @ One Step At A Time,
and join in all the doggy fun.


TornJeans said...

Hang in there! Another month to go!

Tim said...

When I saw the photo of the Husky in the fridge, I thought it was an advert for an oriental restaurant!

lorenzolo63 said...


Ralph said...

Thanks for the dog pictures. We do anything we can to make them comfortable!

SEAN said...

I'm ready to join them.

Koba said...

I've been wondering about Stan as well! Hope he's okay!

Stay cool and have a great weekend, Ray!

karl said...

Me loves dogs. And cats. And horses. My friend Penny owns her own stables at Benildon.
She likes dogs and cats also, but not giraffes. She says theyr too stuck up.


Great post! Keep cool, my friend, and drink plenty of water, but, being a nurse, you know that! Have a cool and sexy weekend! Patrick

Rick said...

They look so happy.