Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dawg Gone Saturday... And I am Sorry

Just a note to say I am sorry folks for letting you know about my paretns. I do know several of you did asked about them. I thought this would be a fast way to let you know. I got a email from somebody that does not even post on My blog, scolding me for doing that; because I did not mention Boston at all. I am sorry My Family does not live in Boston. My heart does go out to those people in Boston. I was told allot of things in this email. I started this blog as fun for me and I have gotten to know several of you Men/ boys. Yes I do know all of you are grown up and are truly Men, but I think you know what I mean here. Stan, Lord Patrick, Koba, Rick (s). Yes I know there are two of you with different blogs., and I am able to call many more of you Freinds as well. With this danm email eating away on me. I have dicided to take a week off and figure if I want to keep this blog up. I mean it does take time for me to think of HOT Men to put up for you. and The it takes some time to try to respond to allot of the other blogs. I figure if you take the time to respond to my blog I need to respond to your blog. It is only fair, right? I even respnd to some of other blogs that do not even respond for whatever reason. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you guys. I have to try to get up early on my days I work to do this blog. I could be using that time for sleep; so see I am not as handsome as Sean. For whom I have been trying to get pictures of some time now. I will still keep posting on the blogs I feel I should, even if I do quit this blog. Once again thank you fo rputtin gup with me, my family, and other stuff I have done on this blog. See everyone in a week.


Pick said...

Don't let a person with a chip on their shoulder to make you feel like this Ray. It's clearly their problem, not yours.

I was happy to see you post that your parents are ok. I didn't know what part of Texas they were in, but when I heard the news they actually did cross my mind.

My heart goes out to everyone in both tragedies. They are far-reaching and touch us world-wide! Oh for simpler, "Norman Rockwell" kind of times.

Hugs always bud, and don't let one rotten apple get you down.

Anonymous said...

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SEAN said...

I know we all love a good asshole but some of them turn out not to be any fun but that doesn't keep us from the rest.

I know how personally some of these attacks can hurt but I try to remember that when I get ones like yours, it is not about me, it's about them. We're just in the way. It's like driving a car and getting cut off. The asshole driver didn't cut Ray off, he just cut off the guy in front of him.

It can only be personal if we make it personal.

You have a great blog. It is unique and it's so rare to have an adult blog that has so much personal interaction between the author and his readers and also among his readers too.

You do what's best for you but don't let one rotten asshole keep you from rimming and plugging all the hot ones out there. We luv ya Ray!

SEAN said...

PS. Love the doggie pics AND if it weren't for you, I'm not sure I would have heard about TX and I know for sure I wouldn't have told my mom and family about what your parents experienced. Life and the world didn't stop and start revolving around Boston only this week. Life went on and life was lost, many more including an entire fire department, in TX. That was your experience and one to share in YOUR BLOG.

Ralph said...

I have always been impressed by the concern and respect you show to other people, the love you have for your parents, and the love you have for dogs, cats, and other animals... Please don't worry about individuals who will complain and carp about matters they are too insensitive to understand or regard.

Tim said...

Don't let the bastards grind you down my friend, Sean is right. If people want news try CNN.

carol said...

I do not like bullies. I thought about your Parents as well when I saw the news. SCREW HIM.

Don't feel bad if you can't visit and leave messages on all the blogs you visit, I don't . Recently I stopped posting Week end just to catch up. So don't stop, take time off and come back. I like visiting your blog, even if I don't always leave messages.


O!Daddie now at said...

Ray- if we give in to the bullies, then the bullies win.

This is your house, you know who your blog friends are and everybody else can fuck off if they don't like what they read here. I have family in Texas as well as all over the Boston area and in all honesty, I didn't know who/what to worry about first.

SickoRicko said...

I've had letters like that and it's best to shrug them off. I know that's easier said than done, but please don't let this jerk dictate what you do with your blog or what your future with it will be.

TornJeans said...

Let's get one thing clear! You are doing a great job with your blog so please do not make any changes due to one shit asshole with no life and nothing better to do than criticize. You know from our comments we enjoy your blog. Focus on the majority not one shit email.
Now take a deep breath in and delete that garbage email and move on!
And again thank you for such a great blog and for being a friend! Big hugs, Rick

Stan said...

Don't go Ray! We love you and that's all that matters. I know your up early because I can tell by the time stamps. Please hang in there.

glen0330 said...

It's a shame that yours is the only blog in superspace for that asshole to visit. (and calling him that is an insult to asshoes) I guess he forgot to mention you didn't do a post about the earthquake in China, the war in Afghhanistan, and other world events. Shame on you. (hee hee). This is YOUR blog so you post what you want. (I think you should post pics of Transvestites, Lesbian couples, and a lot of pics of Michelle Bachman too)

Koba said...

Don't take any of it seriously! We love ya, that's what counts! Would hate not coming by here everyday! Big HUG!!

karl said...

I don't think you should listen to this 'troll' [I think that's what theyr called on the internet]...some people just like to complain. Its called 'white noise blinding'; it means making lots of noise over nothing just to scare people off.
Don't let this asshole care YOU off, Ray. I can understand you wanting to take a week or so off but keep this blog going. In my job I have to take a lot of hassle [I mean a fucking LOT]all the time and if I caved in every time ID be a nervous wreck by now. You just have to suck it up and take it [and c'mon we all know how to SUCK, lol!!].
So ignore this creature and keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick in Ohio said...

Ray, I've never commented but I want you to know that I love your blog. Its the first thing I click on every day. Please don't stop blogging.

You have great taste in men and I appreciate all of the hard work you do finding the pics and posting them. I love your themes too!

There a probably a lot of men out there like me who never comment but follow your posts. We love what you do and look forward to it every day. Don't let one unhappy man spoil your fine work.

Be well. Think positive. You're a special guy!


BloggerJoe said...

Hey Ray, adding my own two cents to all of these, you're doing a great job. It's your blog to make as you see fit. Don't let others dictate your life. Just remember: haters are gonna hate, it's what they do.


Totally agree with all the support being given above. I think that you might have been one of the first people to leave a comment on my original blog. And you have always encouraged me to keep on posting! Hugs, Patrick

Westernstock said...

I was most interested to see what you had to say about your parents' experience of the West blast. Nobody should be telling you what to write in your blog. Keep on regardless, Ray

Anonymous said...

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Red-Hot-Chilli said...

Ray - you really must NOT let this guy get to you! Seriously! You're doing a great job and more than ONCE have I come across posts and comments of yours where you did indeed show great concern for the woes of others. How dare this person send you a viscous email! He very obviously knows neither you nor your blog.

Red-Hot-Chilli said...

Ray - you really must NOT let this guy get to you! Seriously! You're doing a great job and more than ONCE have I come across posts and comments of yours where you did indeed show great concern for the woes of others. How dare this person send you a viscous email! He very obviously knows neither you nor your blog.

Anonymous said...

Woody from Delaware here.

Ray, yours is one of the first blogs I check every morning. What you post makes me happier, and helps set the tone for my day.

Thank-you, not just for the pics, but also for your example of what the word "generosity" means.

Anonymous said...

kent okc your parents have been a large part of this blog... so what happens to them is a part of this blog. Remember this is your blog and is yours to decide what is posted here. If someone doesnt like it... then let them go elsewhere....

A. Gerardo said...

I seldom comment on your blog, and, as I live in Caracas, Venezuela, where hell is breaking loose, I want to tell you this, Ray: don´t you let a simple-minded moron stop you from being yourself. If you need a week to ponder and reflect, take it. But don't give up the blog. You are solidarity incarnate (even with dogs and cats), but you can be everywhere at the same time. You can't save the world on your own, and everyone understands that your home-state and your parents are closer to your heart... Just don't give up, please...

Butch 57 said...

a big wow these blogs r for fun and it shoild remain that way I hope you enjoy the break and continue to post but if not I will understznd I have had the feeling for a while is it worth posting I get tons of view and fes comments and those for you Ray andothers that have been around for since we all started these blgos for fun. Ray hugs Butch

Amy Jacques. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Amy Jacques. said...
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vsv said...

Dear Ray,
As a few of your other fans have stated, I haven't taken the time to write for I've found no faults in your blog. This non-human blogger that could so intimidate you must remember one thing: THIS IS YOUR BLOG! If he doesn't like something that you are sharing or posting as images, then move on to another ring of hell and keep his dribblings to himself. I am from Boston and should I have a blog I would have reported on my friends in Boston; however, that does not preclude that I don't have very deep sympathy for all the families traumatized by the explosion in Texas. Family comes first, since I was taught that growing up in Virginia, and we Bostonians have big enough hearts to understand your perspective as well.
As your other friends are supporting you in saying to continue your blog, I should like to say the very same; it's filled with some of the finest and hottest male nudes that one can find as well as the personal touch that the majority of us do enjoy. That's why we're here and are asking you not to desert us.
Best wishes, Stephen xox
P.S. You might check your spelling from time to time; but otherwise, we still care very much about you and your blog.

ricciw said...

I think anyone who takes the time to blog and post things for everyone is takeing on alot,and I always think too a Blog is arefection on who we are and posting what we like or how we feel I love comeing by your page seeing the pictures and seeing just what you write about....A blog is so personal and we connect through expressing ourselfs.... keep up the good work.....

JSB said...

It is YOUR blog to do with what YOU want. If someone doesn't like it, that is their problem, don't make it yours. I have enjoyed your blog for several years, and I would miss it greatly if you stopped. Dog pics, family info, Christmas and other holiday decoration shots, can't forget all the HOT men in the photos either. Don't let some jackass make you feel bad because you didn't do what he thought you should, let him get his own damn blog!
Take some time off if necessary, but please don't let him stop your blogging.

glen_mc said...


My friend petty people will always be PETTY people!

Anonymous said...

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jack said...

I assume the jerk posted his rude comments anonymously? I had the same problem so I removed the 'anonymous' feature from my comments settings and now I do not get asshole-ish comments anymore!

Your blog is one of my favorites and I hope you continue it, Ray!

Jay Rovang said...

Just want to say thank you for your blog. just letting you know that no matter what you decide to do you have all of the folks that follow your blog we are with you. It is sad this world is full of mean people one day they may get a life and enjoy it. Thank you for all you do in and out of this blog.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brettcajun said...

The higher the profile, the more critics you have. That goes for celebrities, politicians, AND bloggers. Don't take it personally. I LOVE your blog. You have a tremendous amount of fans out there. Don't let a Comment Troll ruin the years of effort you have put into this blog and all of our enjoyment. Big Hug.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Ur-spo said...

hugz me dear dear friend

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Perth Aussie said...

Ray, I like your blog, I like hearing about things going on Stateside, its what makes blogs interesting.

You should view it as a hobby/avocation, not an obligation to us, a thing to let you share your interests in men and other things and a distraction from the stresses of work and other thangs,,

cheers from the other end of the world

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have almost never commented on any blod, but I like yours, and am not happy about the bad mind trip this person has laid on you. Have a great blog break, but please come back and just be yourself.

Anonymous said...

Please listen to your friends Sean and Stan and keep blogging. The people who read your blog are glad to hear your parents were OK. Don't let one dumb-ass upset you so much.