Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blog Or Gym

While I was gone for a week. I thought about going to the gym. You know gettign into shape. Looking good for summer. Then I thought of all of you on the blog waiting for me. I went down to the local gym and asked about it. I got the tour of the place. you know everyone was real nice. All of the men in the locker room treated me wonderful and talk to me. They were so freindly. Making me feel I was at home. I had a very HARD time thinking about which one should I do. Gym or blog. The more I thought about it; the harder it got for me. So Yesterday I made up my mind. I am back blogging, sorry guys at the gym, but thank you for being so warm and freindly to me.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Play Song

I Am Back

I am back. May I say taking the week off; did help me do some soul searching. May I say to some of the people who love to belittle me and tell me that my way of doing MY Blog is wrong.. FUCK YOU This Is My Blog Anf if you do not like my spelling, wirtting about Me, My Family, My Dog, My Freinds..Stan, Lord Patrick, Koba, Carrol. Rick, Rick, Butch, The New Free_2_Be_Smokey_And_ME, Enhanced Masculinity - Christian Man to Man, Pick, Sean (who I Still Am Waiting On Naked Pictures From), and so many more of you who worte to me personally. Those who feel they need to be negative. Please do not write me or post on my blog any more. I do not need that in my life. What I do need is wonderful people like those mentioned above. Who say funny things, positive things, Supporttive things to me. I love doing this blog for me and all of you. I am back. I may not post for a day or two at time, for going down to see my parents, running late for work or whatever reason. I am still here and will stay.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dawg Gone Saturday... And I am Sorry

Just a note to say I am sorry folks for letting you know about my paretns. I do know several of you did asked about them. I thought this would be a fast way to let you know. I got a email from somebody that does not even post on My blog, scolding me for doing that; because I did not mention Boston at all. I am sorry My Family does not live in Boston. My heart does go out to those people in Boston. I was told allot of things in this email. I started this blog as fun for me and I have gotten to know several of you Men/ boys. Yes I do know all of you are grown up and are truly Men, but I think you know what I mean here. Stan, Lord Patrick, Koba, Rick (s). Yes I know there are two of you with different blogs., and I am able to call many more of you Freinds as well. With this danm email eating away on me. I have dicided to take a week off and figure if I want to keep this blog up. I mean it does take time for me to think of HOT Men to put up for you. and The it takes some time to try to respond to allot of the other blogs. I figure if you take the time to respond to my blog I need to respond to your blog. It is only fair, right? I even respnd to some of other blogs that do not even respond for whatever reason. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you guys. I have to try to get up early on my days I work to do this blog. I could be using that time for sleep; so see I am not as handsome as Sean. For whom I have been trying to get pictures of some time now. I will still keep posting on the blogs I feel I should, even if I do quit this blog. Once again thank you fo rputtin gup with me, my family, and other stuff I have done on this blog. See everyone in a week.

Friday, April 19, 2013

West, Texas

Folks My Parents live about 16 miles from the city of West Texas. When the explosion went of my Dad said he heard and felt the house move. My Mother was feeding the chickens at that time. She said he felt the ground move and heard it as well. So far nothing of my parents was hurt or damage. Please pray for those who are unlucky. I am still blessed by having my parents through all of this....Hope you Men/ boys have a wonderful day today...Hugs Ray

Thursday, April 18, 2013

For Butch And The Rest Of You Leather Fans

Leathe is one thing I do love the feel of. I love wearing my chaps, guantlets, harness. Master Cap and going on the town. Hope everyone has a great and wonderful day today. Much love and hugs.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

For Sean.. A Jeap Guy

Hope everyone liks these Red Heads....Hugs

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wonderful Weather

The weather has been GREAT down here in Texas. The only thing is my sinuses are acting up. I love working in the garden and doing all of that. But Then I have to take a shower and get off all of the pollen off of me, or else I pay a heavey price. Hope everyone has a wonderful day today. Enjoy the outdoors. Hugs