Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the men and women who died while serving in the country's armed forces. Please Take a moment of silence, and thank these Men and Women who dies for us.. So We can Have our rights. As Gay Men we are soming into the age where it is alright for hold hand and some area of the world kiss. Without those Men and Women giving their all to us, we would not be ablr to to allot...Ie Blog, Hold Hands, Web Cam, and so many other thing. Thank you to the falling ones. May God Have Mercy On Their Souls.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Visiting Freinds

The Other Morning. I Got Up Feeling Great. Decided to Get On The Private Jet And Visit Some Of My Fellow Bloggers. I Called Allot Of People. Finially Some Of You Picked Up The Phone. So Here Was My Day. I Called Stan And Asked Him If We Could Have Breakfast Together. He Said Yes. I was So Excited. Setting Down And Talking To Stan. When I Got To Stan Place. I Think I Woke Him Up. Wh Came to The Door Sleepy Eyed in His Shorts. He Told Me To Go Make Some Coffee And He Woudl Take His Bath. Well It Was Not Hard For Me To Tuen The Coffee On. I heard The Water Running. And Heard Stan Get Into The Tub.... I Walked Over To The Door And Opened It. The Door Needs Oiling Big Time. I Thought Stan Would Hear The Sqeecking Of The Door. But It Look Like He Didn't. I was Very Suprised on What I Saw. luckly I have My I-Phone With Me And Took This Shot... Breakfast Was Great. I dearly Love Stan. And Can Not Wait To Get Caught up With Him Again.
I went to Rick (Torn Jeans) Place For The Famious Tantric Massage Of His. He Told me to Get Undress and Lay On The Table. He Said He Had To Go And Get Ready For My Tantric Massage. You Know The Oils, The Music, Ect. He told Me To Lay Face Down On The Table. I Did What I Was told To, Except One Thing.. I Did not Put My Head Down On The Table. I Sorta looked Up. Rick Was Getting Undress In The Bathroom. I was Wondering What Kind Of Oils I Was Going To Get.
In My Flight I Was Able To Have Lunch With Koba. Koba Told Me To Come Right Into His Place And Relax.. He Said He Had To Get Dressed For Our Date That Day. He Wanted To Look His Best. I Had No Problem There; Koba Got everything Out To Wear. Then He Laid On The Bed For A Second. I Think He Was Teasing Me, And Trying To Tempt Me. I have To Say I love His Pink Heart On His Black Underwear.
My Finial Visit Was To Lord Ptrick's Estate. He Welcomed Me With Open Arms. Told Me He Was Hosting A Black Tie Affair In My Honor. I was So Happy. He Told Me He Needed To Do Some Stretches First Before He Could Get Dressed... He Left The Door to His Chambers Open And I took This Picture. How Odd He Was Doing This Type Of Streching.
Ok After All Of My Running A Round; Visting My Freinds For Whatever Reason. I looked In The Mirrow After I Got Undressed Was A Little Depressed About What I have Seen Today