Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday, Have Not Felt Well. in Bed All Day

I do not know if it is Allergies or what. I have been sleeping most of the day. I wake up go to the bathroom and then go back to sleep. I want to say I am sorry if I do not comment on others blog today. Just going back to bed.
Thanks for understanding


samislut said...

take it easy ray, while you're resting i'll just nestle my face into no 2's balls--woof.

TornJeans said...

is that John Pruitt in the first picture?
I know the feeling as I was sick too.
Nothing you can do, but just rest.
take care, buddy

Ted said...

Don't check your blog daily, but now I will, after learning you are a music lover from your earlier post.

Anyway, hope you get better soon.

Pick said...

Feel better soon Ray.

HUGS bud!

Stan said...

Get well Ray!

Will said...

Wow, I hope you're feeling better. With that said, sometimes being under the weather makes me incredibly horny. Hopefully you have the same experience.

glen_mc said...

Hope U had something furry and cuddly in bed with you? JuJu perhaps LOL.

Ultra Dave said...

That's okay Ray. Sleep in buddy!