Sunday, October 12, 2008

Whoever He Is, I Could Be In Love

Here is a Man with the nicest smile. fun looking personality and then HOT body. Whoever he is I could be in love, lust, Mr Right at this moment.


Anonymous said...

Could not agree more

glen_mc said...

GREAT smile, nice HOT cock and if he had some chest HAIR he would be perfect!

Alex said...

Wow, totally agree and that was just from the first 3 pictures.

Ray's Cowboy said...

Joe welcome. thank you Glad you like
Glen. I think he is HOT, but hairy would not mind at all either. Maybe he shaves.
Alex. The Hamster, Glad you like him.
Just wished I knew his name.

Anonymous said...

Very hot man. What a great photo set.

xilegay said...

mmmmmmm....I'm in love....again ( LOL )