Friday, December 12, 2008


Ok, I have said I love Christmas. I decorated all three bathrooms, Only one in the picture (notice the green towels). I have decorated the other parts of the house as well. And My wonderful dog is in the picture as well in front of one of the trees. I Christmas shop all year round trying to find great deals for people, I think they would enjoy. I buy for my family and freinds. Yes I do have allot in both areas. I do not think I go over board. Tell me what do you think of my decorating. You can click on each picture to make larger, (right click them open in new window). I tried to take pictures of the outside, you can not tell what they are, sorry.


Daryl said...

I love the decorations. Great job.

Ruffy said...

Very Nice! Can I come and get cozy by the fire?

T.E.W. said...

Very nice, and a nice job. I to love Christmas and Christmas music. 3 bathrooms, what kind of large house do you have.