Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday's Fuck..


Butch 57 said...

yes, Friday nite will be a good night for a fuckfest! Nice pic here Ray. love the cowboys ruttin outside.

Manhandler said...

The two cowboys squatfucking in the middle of the top row are so goddam hot!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Ray.

Thanks for your comments. I guess only time will tell about how bad things are. I'm 75 this year so not much more time left there either. I hope that you are taking a look at MEN men MEN as there are some really good images there as well. It's worth a look occasionally.


Ruffy said...

Ray, you having a party tonight and I didn't get an invitation? hehehehe Friday Fuckfest sounds perfect!!!

Ray's Cowboy said...

Thanks I glad everyone like it.

Patrick I am soory to hear about that. Agai I will say a pray for you. Even though you are 75 you may still have a good fight into you.

Ruffy I would and will always invite you. By the way when is the wedding???? I still have not got my invite yet.


Santiago said...

I just love Hector Silva's artworks, wish he would update more often his website.

Good taste there ;)