Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas 2009

Ok several people have been asking me about my Christmas deecorations. Here it is from the front of the house going to the back of the house. Remember I had Christmas shopping done before July (I know some will hate me for this), and before JuJu gotten sick. She is the wonderful dog in the pictures to greet everyone one of you. The back fence is decorated with bows and lights, just if you are asking. All my outside lights are on timers. The front drive way and the bushes, the back frence. My color of the packages are gold, copper, bronze. The tress never change, but the packages do every year. I took close up of some so you can see how I do packages. Last year was Cranberry and silver. if you want to look at that go back to blog arcives and you can see that one. I enjoy Christmas; it brings out the kid in me. I love to give to freinds, family, and loved ones. I do hope you enjoy abit of me and my Christmas this year.


Anonymous said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing. I'm posting some videos of my decoration tomorrow. I love decorating and the holiday season!

Ultra Dave said...

You have a beautiful home Ray and an equally cute sidekick!

Rusty Truck said...

damn what a fucking mansion you got, Ray. beautiful job decorating, very pretty. I bet Juju helped!

Leatherpigboy said...

WOW a little elf sure has been busy decorating and wrapping all my gifts i see :)

Stan said...

You have a beautiful place there Ray. Thank you for all those lovely gifts! JuJu is lucky to have you!

Stan said...

BTW: I'm glad you can't see the dump I live in!

Anonymous said...

Warm temps and glaring sun will cause Santa to develop serious sweat stains! What's up with your neighbors Ray? I'd have thought they'd have wanted to 'one-up'you on your great decorations. B.T.W., what is that award on your desk? I thought it was an Emmy at first. - Montana Cowboy


What a beautiful home, Ray! What wonderful decorations! JuJu looks well again! That's great!

My poor apartment pales into insignificance compared with your home. I have a Christmas Tree that is looking rather tired, so I'll ditch it after this season and buy a new one next year. I have two Cribs - one in my livingroom and the other in my bedroom. The first one was given to my late friend's mother in 1930 by the Nuns at the school he attended - almost antiques - the baby Jesus in a manger and two sheep!

red-hot-chilli said...

Ray, your house looks absolutely gorgeous!!! How nice it must be to celebrate Christmas surrounded by so much beauty!

Michelle said...

JuJu is are lucky to have each other. Thanks for the tour of your decorations...beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Nice layout, Ray!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Howard in Connecticut said...

Merry Christmas, Ray!!
First I must say how good it makes me feel to see your baby JuJu looking so well.
Next, let me say, Ray - you got the gay decorator gene real good!! lol I love it all.
Also, I couldn't tell at first if that was your house or the White House. Nice place, Ray.