Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to everyone. My father is like the father in this commercial. He would make the car start just to make me feel good about myself. My Father is Super Man. He love his gay son no matter what. I know that there is allot of people who fathers did/ do not support their gay children. My father does. I do hope that if you are a Father. I hope you a GREAT day today full of blessings. Please a moment out of silence for those who have loss their fathers. We honor and respect them as well.


Anonymous said...

happy Father's Day to you, too, Ray!

Westernstock said...

I like that tribute to your Father, Ray.

Jon DeepBlue said...

HAHA! Great commercial. Happy Father's day to your dad, Ray!

Tim said...

Happy Fathers day to you and yours Ray. :)

Anonymous said...

That commercial is the best! Happy fathers day, hope you're feeling better! Rob

Jack Scott said...

Ray, what a blessing your father must be to you. What a blessing unconditional acceptance is to all of us.

My buddy Mike lives his life trying (successfully) to insure that his father saw his as a straight guy. He worked hard to be a great athlete and the young man that other young men looked up to.

When he came to the decision that he had to tell his Dad about his homosexuality, he thought it would be the last conversation they ever had.

He began, by saying Dad, I have to tell you something that will upset you. His Dad immediately asked, "Are you sick?"

When Mike said, "No." His father told him that then he wasn't going to be upset.

When Mike had finished saying what he had to say, his father said, you my son and all I have is yours and I love you.

What he had feared would come between he and his Dad for years, did not matter at all to his Dad.

How great is that!

I'm glad you know how great it is Ray.

Thanks for sharing.

Jack Scott

karl said...
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karl said...

I lost my dad back in 1995 and though we had our difficulties I loved him and miss him dearly.

Special thoughts to all on this day.

Tim said...

Ray, see how you can touch a chord. That's why we love your blog.

Ralph said...

Thanks for this beautiful post about your father, and good fathers in general. My father was a good provider, but always emotionally quite distant. It is so good and heart-warming to read about you and others who have or had a close and loving relationship with your fathers.


You have a wonderful father, Ray! Trust you are feeling much better now! "FATHERS DAY" in Australia is first Sunday in September!

Anonymous said...

I always wondered what it would be like to have a father. Happy father's day to all the guys and their dads. I hope your celebrations were the best so far.

Butch 57 said...

Great to know he supports u and is there for u. I lost mine at 19. Never got to I am gay, he never met his grand children. So enjoy those special day with your folks life is short and full of chaos