Friday, October 5, 2012

Holloween Costumes Ideas.

Koba. I see you as a Knight to slay all of the dragons. I want to see both costumes on you first.
Stan I want to see all of those muscles in and out of the Wife Beater Shirt.
Westernstock ( Enhanced Masculinity - Christian Man to Man). for I would like to know the Man behind the mask.
Karl, I know you are a clown at time.
Carol so you can show off the PA.
Sean, you can cover up the part that you are shy in. I would love to unravel the clothe.
Rick of sick Ricko crap. you are full of color.
Rick, (Torn Jeans) May even more with the crotch cut out.
Butch I know you love your leather.
Jon (aka Deep Blue). For I know his loves his cowboy hats and boots.
O!Daddie I can see him laughing at this blog wearing a plaid shirt today. I would love to see him in this costume.
Your lordship, Patrick. For he should never give up his crown.
I will be picking out more for everyone later as well.


O!Daddie said...

wrong.. sadly, o!daddie doesnt own a flannel shirt, or that body or that dick ... these days, picture me in a Snuggie .. but thanks for the honorable mention. :>)~

Butch 57 said...

oh i like daddy in the flannel shirt too! wished he'd let the bush grow back!

Anonymous said...

nr. 2 looks interesting but verrry painful, too!

karl said...

My favorite outfit is my Wonder Woman costume, not very Halloween but I like it.

Koba said...

I'm totally down for slaying dragons, Ray! I like my costume!! :) Dragonslayers needs lots of special attention after a long days work, though! Yuo up for that!?
Have a good weekend, my friend! I'm on vacation now till the middle of the month! YAY!


Thank you Ray for "crowning" me! But we Lords wear a coronet not a crown! Have a good weekend!

Jon DeepBlue said...

Cowboy hats and boots: sssssssmokin'


SickoRicko said...

Yes, I like the pretty colors.

Stan said...

sadly no muscles to show here.

Westernstock said...

Hey Ray, thanks for the thought and all the work you put in to picking out something for everyone!

Unknown said...

Wow! All this work for us all, Ray! What a friend you are! Hugs!

Dwayne420 said...

Gotta have the dragon cock sheath/sleeve...can't find it anywhere...anyone seen one for sale? TY