Friday, December 13, 2013

Sorry Just Not Feeling It

For Some Reason This Year I Am Not Feeling The Season nor The Christmas Spirit. Yes I Have All Of My Gifts Bought. I Was Finished With That In Early August. Normally By Now I am Showing Eveyone What I Have Done To My House. What Colors I Am Using For The Tree And Gifts.. Showing You More About My House Than What Some Show Period. I Love Christmas and All That Goes With It, but For Some Reason This Year. I have nto even done any Christmas Cards, Wrapping Of The Gifts, NO Trees With Decorations. Nothing.. What has happened to me? I go one my way home and look at all of the wonderful lights and smile, but other than that. I really have nto the spirit inside me this year. That is why folks I have really not done anything on my blog about this season of Christmas. As most of you, Men/ boys. I normally have Dec Set Aside For ALL Of the Christmas Santas, Lights, Gifts, My House. Until Christmas Day. The Only Thing I put on for this year is Silent Night. It, the song, means allot to me. I love hearing any time of year. Sorry Folks About Christmas This Year. Hugs Ray


bignate said...

Oh man, sorry you're not feeling it this year.

BloggerJoe said...

Ray, don't worry about it. Embrace what you are feeling, learn from it, and grow. Don't dwell on feelings past. Do what you can when you can, and be happy with the result. The day should be about what you can make it, not what you should make it for others. Peace, my friend, and good will always. ;-)

jack said...

This has happens to me sometimes, too, Ray. Just let yourself off the hook this year. Maybe put up a small tree, simply decorated (and easy to take down). Bake a batch of cookies while watching 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas.'

Christmas isn't about decorations :)

Merry Christmas,

P.S. 'Silent Night' is a beautiful carol.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising, some Fox dumb chick just assured everyone that both Santa and Jesus were white. Talk about turning the celebrations into a racist rant. It is enough to make one skip the holidays altogether.
You just have to rise above it all, the materialistic shopping, the politics, the division and find the friends and family who would be more than glad to share with you and the holiday spirit.
Saludos y Feliz Navidad

Stan said...

Welcome to the club. It ain't all that bad.

Unknown said...

I totally feel the same way. And there is nothing wrong with not decorating. Christmas has become WAY too commercialized, and all the money spent to decorate just goes along with that. I usually put up TONS of lights to impress my neighbors, but most moved this year and I am not crazy about the new neighbors. It is a real hastle for me hanging them due to health reasons and I decided it wasn't worth it. A few decorations for me and that's it. Just think of all the work and mess you are missing out on.

Unknown said...

Sorry that you feel that way, Ray, Dear Friend. But it happens to all of us at times. Something just switches off! It's difficult to switch it on again, but you will, I'm sure. Last year I did very little decorating - well I'm the only one who sees it! This year I've just done a few things. Still no tree. All the love and peace of this Holy Season to you, Ray. Hugs all the way from Australia, Patrick

karl said...

I know what you mean Ray.
As you may recall, last year my mother passed away three weeks before Xmas so we didn't celebrate the season at all [in fact Xmas was cancelled for our family].
This year, no idea what we'll do...maybe hang up a decoration or two, nothing much. Its still too raw, too soon.
I just send out Xmas cards to friends and family and neighbours and that's it, really.
What I CAN?NOT STAND is going into a store and hearing this fucking Christmas music - drives me up the wall!

ricciw said...

Hey Ray,
some years are like that where the feelings just not there and it's a effort to even pretend...And Christmas is different for everyone don't feel bad if your not in the mood...Christmas is more about how we feel through out the year and not just one month...Hugz

Spicy_D69 said...

Well there's still 12 days left until Christmas maybe by then you'll be in the Christmas sprits again :)

O!Daddie said...

Ray, the Holiday Season for me is an escape; a short break from Reality which I look forward to all year and treasure. I love all the glitz. I love the music. I love the INTENT and I don't question or dig below the surface.

With a whole new year on the horizon in which to beat myself up and be depressed, my gift to myself is to allow myself to 'feel the JOY' at least once every 12 months.

It sustains me, really.

HUGZ to you, dear man.

Anonymous said...

ah we all have to be taken down at some point ray! its just about finding the right psychopath to do it. LOL!

SickoRicko said...

Go easy on yourself and do whatever you feel.

Koba said...

I hear ya and feel the same way. I've got my Christmas cards done (cut my list WAY down this year), but no decorations or anything else. I doubt that we'll have a tree this year. With me, I think it's because Christmas has become SO commercialized I just want to shut it out. I agree with some one the other comments - it isn't about the decorations and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is still one of my faves! Big hug!

carol said...

HEY, your not the only one.


Xersex said...

What can I say! probably nothing, because I lost the Christmas spirit some years ago, and Christmas doesn't mean anything to me. Probably I'm the only here to think that in such radical way!

The only Christmas spirit in my life is in my blog, here for example

but really I lost it! What can I do? nothing! I want to tell I'm 41, not 91!

Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Don't beat yourself up.

A Jewish friend of mine used the holiday to listen to the music and read the stuff she'd meant to all year.

Decorations are not compulsory!

Butch 57 said...

end lf the year and christmas brings on bad moods sometimes hope you get thru ot and love the pics

Unknown said...

Not to worry buddy. Every year is different. Just go with the flow and you will be fine. I can relate