Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New perfume

to funny.. since I do not know how to add a video at the moment. link to it. enjoy


Anonymous said...

No offense meant, Ray, but that voice-over and the laughing sounded like a right-wing talk show. As for Hillary, lol, I'm not much of a supporter of her campaign, but making fun of her with those pics really isn't my cup of tea. Compared to the loonies on the repuglican side, I'd vote for her any day.

Anonymous said...

BTW, even though I already did e-mail you with the instructions to post videos on your blog, I'll give you a little idea now.

On that repug video you posted (lol), look to the right of that YouTube video. There should be a section that says "Embed". All you have to do is move your cursor with your mouse into that "Embed" field and click ONCE. The embed code should be high-lighted. Then either hit the < Cntrl > and < C > keys, or just right-click (with your mouse) and select "copy".

After that, go to Blogger's "dashboard", click on "new post" and "paste" (by either hitting the < Cntrl > and < V > keys, or by right-clicking and select "paste") the embed code into, well - where-ever you want to put it. Then hit the "publish" button. And the video should be on your blog.

You can go back and do what you want with that blog entry (but don't change the embed code!).

That should do it.

Ray's Cowboy said...

you emailed me?? Never got it. Ask Rick for it. He should be able to give it to you. You are mroe than welcome to have it.