Sunday, March 16, 2008


Here is the questions. ... What make a Bear, Otter, Fox, hound, Hunk, Dog (I know that one, you have to chew your arm off in the morning not to wake that one up). I guess all these years I thought a Man with allot of hair was a Bear. Which I really love hairy men. I know what a Twink is, Since I am not into children. Can someone help with these new words...please?????

Fox or Hound??




Country & Western Singer??? LOL

?? What would he be called besides HOT.


Hunk?? (yes I know this one is a HUNK (love of my groin)





steve vegas said...

Well, I entrust to define some of these terms for me. As for the pics, I think I can only classify Bears, otters and hunks because I'm not certain on the other ones. Starting at the top:
otter, ?, hunk, hunk, ?, ?, bear, ?, otter, hunk, hunk, bear, bear

Ray's Cowboy said...

thanks will look up on the weeb you mention.

Anonymous said...

Although I do appreciate a hung twink (as long as he's over 18 that is!!!), I do occasionally love a furry guy as well.

I remember that 4th guy in some dang-gone movie and immediately fell madly in lust with him! Thanks for identifying him for me. Wonder if he's been in any porn?