Saturday, March 7, 2009


Last night I went to go see the movie "Watchmen" never heard of them or what. the movie was ok. I have to admit the specail effects were good. The specail effect of Dr Manhattan was very nice. Frontal nudity of a specail effect man. "Just a swinging" came to mind. I have to say I did have very bad thoughts here. If you want to relax and empty out your mind go and see this movie worth every penny.


Kevin said...

I just might check this out when I get time!

Ruffy said...

I'm aware of the series, being a superhero kind of guy, so it's on my list. The Hubster isn't into it. However, I have been hearing quite a bit about Mr. Blue and his super powers *wink*

Ray's Cowboy said...

I am sure both of you might enjoy it. Mr Blue aka Dr Manhattan is very nicely hung. I yhink it shows him uncut, maybe cut, but you sure could see it swinging in the breeze.

Joe Z said...

We tried to go see it at the IMAX this weekend but it was sold out all shows.
Mr Blue is actully totally naked?
I can't wait to see it now!!

dragongears said...

i still have the graphic novel (AKA comic book) that i bought back in the 80s. it's one of the few possessions my Master allowed me to keep when i came out west to serve Him. i remember i loved it, but haven't read it since. i wonder how it holds up after all these year with its cold war theme and all. i guess i'll find out tonight when my Master takes me to see it in the theater.