Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday, Wonderful Day

It is sunny and the weather is wonderful today. May go outside and have some fun. or whatever.


carol said...

You have a great day, Ray you deserve it.

I'll take the smooth guy for a ride, very Hot.


Koba said...

Have fun, you dawg!
That naked cyclist is hot, hot, hot!


Hope you found someone to have "fun" with!!!!

How's JuJu?

Ultra Dave said...

Oh I so want to play! Can you come out an play Ray!

I missed you while my computer was in the shop!!

Unknown said...

Is that Ju Ju?
she is looking good

Ray's Cowboy said...

Sorry that is not JuJu, but I am glad that everyone like this. It was a wonderful day.

Stephen said...

Is that a Weimaraner? Great pic. Great dog. Do you remember William Wegan and his photos of his weimaraner? After my beloved go died, I could not look at those books If you like to read, there is a wonderful book about human/dog interaction,
Dog Years by Mark Doty. Fantastic. Not the same as Marley and Me