Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cold Weather

With This Cold Weather in Texas Again. All I Want To Do Is Sleep. But Who Know I may Be Cancel At Work.


bignate said...

No. 2 can keep me warm

Xersex said...

#2 perfect!!!
#4 so sensual
#5 an angel
#6 very sexy

#1 & #9: have you a fetish for smoke?

my last post:

O!Daddie said...

I wouldn't be getting much sleep with any of these guys around !!

Unknown said...

You need to find a way to clone yourself and send that clone to work. Then you stay home in bed with these men, except for #3, Heath, who I will spend a day in bed with.

Anonymous said...

I'm warm now!

carol said...

We are used to this cold weather and we like to bundle up. I'll warm up with any of those hot guys.


Anonymous said...

they look like they need my company

Unknown said...

Yes! They all look very lonely! I'm available!

Jon DeepBlue said...

Hello Cowboy,

I've just heard about this:

Federal judge rules Texas' gay marriage ban is unconstitutional

Way to go Texas!


Stan said...

Not much sleep would be happening with these studs around.

karl said...

may be cold outside but these men are making me warm in here!