Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Hotness! .. For Koba


Xersex said...

The last guy is very famous but I can't remember his name!
The guy on the motocicle near Eliad Cohen is very beautiful!

O!Daddie said...

The naked cowboy is really cute!

bignate said...

Oh, John Pruitt!

Unknown said...

And you would include John Pruitt as part of this hotness! You rock Ray! Thank you for doing this. Great post too. You might have over did it!! LOL!

Stan said...

Bring on the hotness. Is the 2nd guy Adam Levine?

Anonymous said...

indeed it is adam levine

Xersex said...

#2 don't know who's he.

do anyone know who's the guy exactly under Eliad Cohen?

Enjoy my last posts:

David Gandy is very popular in Europe!

Koba said...

Thanks, Ray, for picking up the slack! Damn fine set of hotness here! :)

mk said...

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