Saturday, February 23, 2008

Enjoy Sleeping

I had to work a double the other night and today I work 12 hours. I am falling asleep at the wheel so to speak. Hope you enjoy the resting beauties (Men I mean). thanks to everyone for all the kind words and looking at this blog. I am trying to make something out of it as all of you have done.


Anonymous said...

Love your hot blog. The sleeping studs are fucking hot, the huge cocks ! the low hanging balls ! mouth-watering ! that hard cock sticking out of the torn jeans ! Some serious tongue work is provided for here. Thanks for the fantasies.Keep them cumming !!

Anonymous said...

I'm like you, Ray. I enjoy watching a naked guy resting or sleeping. Specially #1 and #3 and #4.
#7 and #8 are pretty damn hot too!