Friday, November 20, 2009

John Pruitt


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Mr. Piano Man.

Ultra Dave said...

Your favorite man is very hot!

red-hot-chilli said...

Aaaahhhh, Ray - just what I like: loadsa vintage Colt stuff!!! You hit the nail on the head with this one!!!

Ray's Cowboy said...

Thanks glad that everyone like these.

Stan said...

one of my all time faves too!

bignate said...

Good lord, he's hot. What movies did he do?

Leatherpigboy said...

LOVE him!


my favorite colt man...look at those nips and that chest.ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

norseman (paul) said...

What ever happened to ???

Anonymous said...

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LUCIEN said...

Yes me too would love to see him now in his prime - I bet he is even sexier

Ray's Cowboy said...

I would love to see what he looks like now as well. He is very much my favortie.
WOOF on John.

PS Mr John Pruitt if you are reading this please send an update picture or even more pictures please.

glen_mc said...

How nice of you Ray to share your husband's pics with us!

Anonymous said...

Google DESTRA James Yount and you'll see too much sun and rock climbin and straight marriage isn't the fountain of youth!!!