Monday, November 2, 2009

JuJu, the update

Ok Today was JuJu visit with the Oral Vet. The mouth is healing fine, still can not explain why she does not eat chicken, baby food, or even scramble eggs. They did blood work. Her liver enzymes are up past the chart for a dog. So off to the reg Vet we go. Now here is where I sing, I owe, I owe, So off to work I go" The vet is keeping her for some time to see what is wrong; JuJu may have to spend the night there. I do nto know at this time, the reg Vet will call and let me know. They are giving her IV fluids, IV antinausea meds, IV Pain meds. I really do hope they do not find anything really wrong with her.

Once again everyone thank you for you support.


Russ Manley said...

poor baby, maybe her tummy is upset so she doesnt feel like eating? hope she gets better real soon.

Howard in Connecticut said...

I hope the vet discovers her problem why JuJu won't eat. Yes, I too am very familiar with "I owe, I owe" with the vet bills. lol
At least, when it isn't "off to work you go", you can be "sleeping, sleeping, sleeping"!


Trust JuJu will soon be feeling much better and you too, Ray!

Pick said...

I'm wondering what would send her enzymes so high? I hope it doesn't take a million tests to figure that out.

I've been making Nikko's "night lunch" for several months now ... brown rice, grated carrot, ground up cooked liver and bacon. I mix it all together and add the cooking liquids from the liver and bacon ... Nikko and Meghan's eyes light up when the cuisinart comes out ... they know what's about to happen. Maybe something like that would entice Juju although it sounds like there might be something else going on. I sure hope they get things under control soon. It's awful when your best friend is going through something like this.

I know all about vet bills too ... still paying on Nikko's bill from the summer of 2007. Never had any regrets over that either and I'd go twice as far in debt to keep him healthy and happy.

Hugs to both you and Juju. Keeping my fingers crossed for some good, quick, positive results!

Unknown said...

I am thinking of you buddy
sorry for the troubles you are going thru

Dean Grey said...


I think it'll just take time.

JuJu just went through major surgery, after all. Maybe her body isn't ready for solids just yet.

I hope the next post will have GREAT news!


Butch 57 said...

it's getting to where we can't afford pets because of the vet bills, but once u have one you have to get them betters. I am praying Juju is better soon

SK said...

I will be thinking of JuJu and you. I have gone thru something similar with my Cheri, who is battling breast cancer. After talking to the Vet, I decided to try just about anything that would be ok. Finally succeeded with baby food, yogurt, and then gradually moved back to regular foods. Its still a battle, but one that is well worth it.
I hear you, when it comes to Vet bills. But then again, they give so much. Its one of those expenditures that pays you back ten-fold!

Leatherpigboy said...

Hopefully you get some answers for JuJu soon! Hang in Ray!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and JuJu and hoping and praying that there are answers soon. JuJu is so lucky that you are her Dad.

Stan said...

You and JuJu are in my thoughts and prayers Ray.

Koba said...

Crossing fingers and thinking lots of positive thoughts!