Thursday, October 11, 2012

Decorating The House

Decorating the house for the holidays can be overwhelming for some. I love it. Doing the yard inside the house.
Lucky I had help this year. These two Men asked if they could help me this year. I think they wanted a little more than just decorating the house
I think they wanted to see what kind of candy I was given out. . . .
So now I am finished. I am going to sit and look at all of my decorations. Have a cup of my favorite drink and watch a movie.
My two new freinds are staying to watch the movie as well. I hope it is not to scary for them


O!Daddie said...

love the scarecrow... seen it b/4 and it always makes me smile !!

carol said...

I agree Ray, it's lots of work but when you enjoy it then it's fun to do.

#7 can come to my house for a treat, mine of course.


Stan said...

I'm going to have to come down there for some tricks and treats too.

Fountaskpyy said...

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